Our Team

Welcome! We are a diverse team of experts in the fields of Tourism, Medicine, IT and Economics all gathered together for one purpose– make Your Healthcare Journey as easy as possible.We are here to guide you through your realization of desires and make sure to do it in the most secure and well performed manner.

Deana Stanković
Founder & CEO

Even during her student days and times spent abroad, there was an idea brewing in Deana’s mind, one that would eventually merge her fascinations with tourism and medical sciences into a unique brand. Today, with the assistance of her associates and the experiences she has gathered in the meantime, she is carefully running and further developing the company built around a business model she believes will contribute to the concept of safe and easy traveling for medical and wellness purposes.

Branislav Popović
Travel Department Manager

An illustrious career as a tour guide, life experiences and time spent abroad are just a few things that make Branislav an irreplaceable member of MedicBooker’s Team. He brings to the table immaculate knowledge of the destinations, thus helping our Team create ideal arrangements for the individual clients needs.

Lazar Travica
Software Engineer

Being an experienced developer, Lazar has turned all our ideas into reality. Grasping the needs of our clients and associates, with the rest of MedicBooker’s team, he has created an intuitive platform that ensures a satisfying experience for medical professionals and potential patients alike. A permanent member of our team, Lazar and his colleagues are constantly working on further improving the platform and developing new and even better solutions.

Igor Nikolić
Business Development

Born in Belgrade. As a person who has gained practical knowledge by working on the highest positions in big and successful companies and a being a founder of a successful start-up in his own right, Igor’s contribution is essential for the development of MedicBooker’s platform and entire business model.


Dr Magdalena Krupež
Special Hospital OREA

Doctor Magdalena Krupež‘s mere presence in MedicBooker’s team is an act of genuine support for the medical tourism project.

Dr Bojan Kotlar
Kotlar Dental

With his youth, enthusiasm and absolute dedication to each client, Bojan enriches our work, giving us practical advises which come as a result of vast experience with patients coming from abroad.

Dr Jelena Šukrija
Special Hospital OREA

With immense patience, dedication and great experience with patients from all over the World, doctor Jelena Šukrija is always there to provide us with valuable insights and advice, helping us with the logistics of medical travel arrangements.

About Us

You will find MedicBooker’s all-round approach uniquely personal as Our Team takes every aspect of Our clients travel arrangements into careful consideration. This is what allows Us to intuitively and easily connect an individual Clients needs and demands with Our extensive network of partners and associates – for the most favorable price.

By having Their travel packages personally designed, Our clients will not only get to enjoy all the privileges of an all-inclusive medical service provider, but also gain access to the finest accommodations available. Our team of experienced experts is here to make sure your travel arrangements are created in sync with Your wishes and financial means.

Moreover, our system provides opportunities for medical professionals, physicians and cosmetic dermatologists that are engaged in sustaining healthy lifestyles as well. With MedicBooker, medical professionals can take and create educational journeys and attend various professional workshops with licensed educators and thus improve and expand Their knowledge while acquiring International Certificates.

The MedicBooker platform and the staff behind it are constantly working on developing more sophisticated systems so that Our Clients can spend the least amount of time concerning Themselves with paperwork regarding the organization of Their Healthcare oriented journey.

As a Global Online Platform, we unify the best from each corner of the world, using the latest IT solutions, with MedicBooker’s one-of-a-kind online platform. We are dedicated to improving this unique field of tourism – making the organization and realization of healthcare-oriented travel arrangements easy and most importantly – less time consuming than ever before.

Our Vision

Connecting You to world-class medical institutions is only a small part of Our Mission. Securing the aid of trusted professionals offers You an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By providing all these services at once we have afforded you: superb medical care, shorter waiting time and affordable treatments.

Our aim is to help prioritize your medical and aesthetic needs, and make sure you stay healthy and beautiful on your unforgettable holiday!