About Us

A diverse team of experts in the fields of Tourism, Medicine, IT and Economics was formed with a single purpose – to make Your Healthcare Journey as easy as possible. Allow Us to welcome You aid in the realization of Your desires and secure the optimal care for You.

Our Team

Deana Stanković
Founder & CEO
Branislav Popović
Travel Department Manager
Mina Vučić
Media & PR Specialist
Munir H. Sarkar
Nebojsa Dоšen
Igor Nikolić
Business Development


Dr Bojan Kotlar
Kotlar Dental Clinic
Dr Jelena Šukrija
Special Hospital Orea
Dr Magdalena Krupež
Special Hospital Orea

Our Vision

The MedicBooker platform and the staff behind it are constantly working on developing more sophisticated systems so that Our Clients can spend the least amount of time concerning Themselves with paperwork regarding the organization of Their Healthcare oriented journey. As a Global Online Platform, we unify the best from each corner of the world, using the latest IT solutions, with MedicBooker’s one-of-a-kind online platform. We are dedicated to improving this unique field of tourism – making the organization and realization of healthcare-oriented travel arrangements easy and most importantly – less time consuming than ever before.